Friday, 2 November 2012

Accessory Haul: Inexpensive, Awesome things

  I love accessories and I can hoard them like nothing else. I believe you can never have too many accessories. Trends change, seasons change, and there's always something new to go crazy about. So every once in a while I want to go buy something new. Here's a bunch of things I bought on my last visit to my favourite place for inexpensive jewellery, Colaba Causeway. 

  I'm suddenly all about statement necklaces. And they're everywhere right now. When I saw this one, I completely fell in love with it. I remember seeing it at the Candies' bazaar thing for, like, four times the price. You can even see it in one of the pictures. 

  Then I bought this other necklace that I thought was a staple and would go so well with so many of my clothes. It was either this or a white one. But, of course, the black one had to win. But if I have to buy one more, it'd be white. 

  I thought that ring was so cool. (Excuse the messy nails, please) Definitely the best thing I bought from the whole lot. And I just know I'm going to wear it a LOT.

I bought this ring only because I have a thing for all things blue. But I think it's pretty.

And finally, I got this belt because I'm digging animal print right now and I thought this would be a cool way of wearing animal print. Also, who else can spot the panda in that picture?


  1. Nice haul, I love black neckpiece

  2. Nice haul! :)
    The blue ring is so pretty! <3

  3. Hi Can you tell me how much you purchased this jewellery for on Colaba Causeway?