Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fall 2011 (2)

Yet another fall outfit. It's really fun coming up with these. This one incorporates many of the Fall '11 trends: 
 Rust: on over coat
 Nude toned dresses  
 Polka dots (on scarf)
 Lace (on shoes)

Fall 2011 (2)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fall 2011 (1)

   Check it out. This is perfect for Fall/Winter this year. Simple skinny jeans and a loose sweater topped with a lace blazer. According to me, lace is amazing for just about every season.
   Add a little bit of color on accessories and you're good to go!
Fall 2011

Friday, 5 August 2011

Picture Inspired (1): Bold, Bright, Floral

   Tell me if you've ever felt like you just don't know what to wear, how to wear what you wear, how to layer up without messing up, what trend to follow. You put something on, add an accessory or two, decide to put on a different colour with your shoes, something completely different with your earrings, you pull your hair up and wear bright lipstick.
   And in the end you look like a mix up of three different trends you were thinking of. And just wrong.
   Hence, it helps if you have something to refer to if you're not good at making it in your head. Pick a nice, glamorous picture from a magazine or wherever, and now try doing the same, don't copy, just get inspired... by the colours, or maybe the pattern, the style....

   That's exactly what I'm going to do here.
   So lets start with this one...