Monday, 17 August 2015

Autumn Trends I'm Digging

Yeah whatever it doesn't get cold here in Mumbai. We've discussed this before. Moving on to the autumn trends I'm going to be excited about anyway, regardless of the weather. All the cool people say, "I don't follow trends, hate them."
 I will admit, I quite like trends. They make me feel in synch with the universe. Or the blogging world, anyway. So here are three Autumn/Winter 2015 clothing trends I'm terribly excited about.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Being a Grown-up: A Review

I decided now’s a good time to review “grown-up” life, because I’m in that odd in-between time when I’m hot out of college but I’ve lived a good two and half months of adult-ish life. Maybe this isn’t exactly adult life because I’m not making tons of money out of my job and I don’t have children I have to take to school. But I don’t go to college anymore and make my own breakfast. I think this is adult enough.

And you know what? It’s kind of awesome. Sure I often have the adult-life-isn’t-worth-the-hype moments when I just want to go back to being younger. Although to be honest, I was never very good at childhood. And when I speculate over my younger years, I did have some really fun times, but I didn’t achieve much, really. Was average at academics, crap at sports, never participated in extra-curricular activities – I basically just passively existed.

Now my mind is perpetually scared and nervous and excited. Now I look forward to meeting friends (that have stuck around over the years) on weekends. Now I get thrills out of reading struggle stories of successful old women and men and think hey that could be me someday. And these are my so-called years of struggle and its kind of fun.
The internet has never been a more informative space and music never more inspiring than right now. I’ve never had more evenings when I walk back home lost in thought, thinking about where my life may be headed, wondering what every memory I have may mean for my future.

I definitely believe now that graduation is a milestone. Not because of much else but because it marks the end of one kind of existence and the beginning of another. I often look at “old photos” that are not older than ten months and wonder where that phase has gone and if it will ever come back.

It probably won’t. And that’s not such a bad thing – I know that now.