Thursday, 8 September 2011

Trends This Fall (2011)

So summer’s trends are fading away and fall’s trends are creeping in. (And yeah, even if you live in a place where such a thing as fall doesn’t exist, who said you couldn’t at least follow the trends? And you always have winter!)
   So I’m gonna highlight some of the most prominent trends this fall, or at least my favorite ones. Here we go…

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Black On Black (Fall 2011)

   One of my favorite trends from this fall is the all-over black trend. Being a big fan of the color myself, I think this is amazing. Mix a couple of patterns and textures, and you're good!
   Just keep in mind that it's all gotta be black. From your outfit, to your shoes. Preferably your bag, and I'd say your nails too. It gives you the complete effect of the look, and if you mix a couple of patterns and textures here and there, it keeps the outfit from looking boring.
Black On Black (Fall 2011)