Sunday, 6 July 2014

L'oreal Super Liner- Instant Impact Felt Liner (Review)

 So do you remember how sometime in the beginning of this year I had done a post called My 2014 Realistic Makeup Wishlist? Well, a month ago, I went ahead and got myself one of the products mentioned in there. It was a bit of a tough purchase to make because I was basically about to give away my money to get myself some liquid eyeliner that was going to dry up in a few months anyway. But I love eyeliner and wear it all the time. So I finally bit the bullet and bought the L'oreal Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner. My idea was that if it could give me even a few months of really good eyeliner days, it would be worth the seven hundred or whatever bucks I pay for it. 
Bad idea.

 Let's start off on a positive note. The applicator on this, that is, the felt tip, essentially, is not bad at all. It makes lining eyes extremely easy and winging your liner even easier. If that could ever be possible.
 It leaves a glossy finish, like most liquid liners do, which I don't personally mind (although I do prefer matte eyeliner). However, I do think it lacks on the pigmentation front because I find myself having to layer this quite a bit for full opacity.

 But that isn't the least of its problems. For costing a whopping 695 INR (in my opinion, that's a lot for non high-end, short lived liquid eyeliner), I would've expected this to at least last all day long on me. This gorgeous product, on the other hand, wipes away as easily as chalk on a blackboard. I happened to shed one tear on the day I first tried it (only because I was laughing too hard) and I had to spend the rest of the day with two broken eyeliner wings (I tried to wipe away the second one, too, in an attempt to salvage the situation. I wouldn't recommend this technique.)
 After that day I decided to just not cry whilst wearing this. That didn't work out very well either, because I ended up spending one evening out in the sun, and me being the sweaty, disgusting person that I am, THIS happened- 


In conclusion, I decided to save this one for the evenings. Well, until it dries out, that is. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone who sweats or cries or accidentally touches their eyes sometimes. I must point out, however, that the Super Liner that is raved about all over the internet seems to be another variation of this product. Perhaps that is a good one. 


  1. okay i tend to foreget i am wearing a liner and often touch my eyes..so i will skip this..thanks for the review:)

    1. Yes, please don't. Spend your money on wiser things. I wish I had,but oh well.

  2. Great review! I am always on the hunt for a good liquid liner and I guess I'll have to skip on this as my eye gets watery very easily.

    Nice blog by the way...new subscriber :)

    xo, Pear


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    1. Thanks :)
      You have an amazing blog too! :)

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