Thursday, 8 November 2012

Estee Lauder Blush in Potpourri: Review

 I always wanted to try a peach toned blush, because I've always been a pink blush girl. So when a friend gave me this, I was super excited to try it out. And I absolutely love it!
 On the pan itself, it looks like an earthy, peachy colour. But when fully blended, as you can see below, it turns into a beautiful pinky peach. I wouldn't say it's the most pigmented blush. It gives sort of a light, natural finish. It has absolutely no shimmer, which I like because it annoys me how most blushes I like turn out to be shimmery and a little difficult to wear on an everyday basis.

 Although it doesn't possess any shimmer, it does have a sheen to it, which is very pretty. On the cheeks, you can't see the sheen much, but the colour makes me look nice and healthy. 
 As for how long this lasts, I have to say that, sadly, it doesn't last for long on my skin. But that's probably because I used it during hot summer days when my skin was quite oily and practically nothing lasted for more that 5-6 hours. But now that the weather's going to get colder (as cold as it possibly CAN get in Mumbai), I'm hoping this will last longer.

 This colour looks great on my olive toned skin and I think it'll look great on fairer girls too. The one I have seems to be a sample size or something, and I don't think can be purchased, but you may be able to find the full size online. 
 But I am currently LOVING this product and wearing it a lot (whenever I'm not wearing something from the Faces 5 Lip Colour Palette on my cheeks, that is).

So overall, I love this blush and it has inspired me to go get myself some more peach blush. Which is good. Right?