Wednesday, 31 October 2012

This week: Accessories, Macaroons and Fake Chanel!

  Here's a run through of all the cool things I spotted this week.
  For those living in Mumbai, who else was at Candies on Saturday, the 27th? I was! They had the coolest exhibition of practically everything you could think of -clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery... And live music to go with it. It was freakin' awesome. Here's some of the things I managed to get pictures of.

I especially loved the necklaces, some of them were so pretty!
And then we went out to chill with some macaroons. Mm mm. 

I also tried sushi for the first time this past week. And I quite liked it!

And my favourite thing that I spotted? These freakin' ugly, but hilarious fake Chanel heels. I just couldn't leave without snapping a picture. (That's actually a bad habit of mine. I want pictures of EVERYTHING)

And that is all. Watch out for an accessory haul coming soon!


  1. I love statement neckpieces!!! Loved each of them! Esp those on the first and second tables...