Friday, 23 November 2012

This Week: Colorbar Nail Polish in 42 Exclusive

 Okay. So I honestly don't know why some of the Colorbar nail polishes have proper names and some have this 'exclusive' with a number. Is there something I should be knowing about here? I'm not sure.
 But anyway, with the winters here I was on the lookout for a really nice nude nail polish, because, believe it or not, I don't own a single nude polish. So when I saw that Colorbar had a nice range of nude-y colours, I went ahead and got this one.

 I really, really like the colour of this one. I think it'll be a great nude for many skin tones. I have had this on for quite some time now and I'm not bored.
 It has been about five days and it hasn't chipped much. Even if it has, you can barely tell because of the colour.
 However, the annoying thing about this polish is that it is SO sheer! It took me three coats to get it to look like that and it's still not fully opaque. It's kinda streaky, too.
 Colorbar nail polishes, in general, are very good quality for the price you pay. This is the only one I've had a little bit of a problem with. As much as I am disappointed with the formulation of this product, I still think I will wear it a lot because I love the colour.
 This nail polish can be purchased for Rs.150 at Colorbar stores and probably counters too. 


  1. awe... it could not resist to comment ... it is so gorgeous color...

  2. I agree..such n*de shades are mostly sheer and streaky. It has to be coated 3-4 times to build on the true color.
    But nice color, anyways. :)