Saturday, 10 November 2012

Faces 5 Lip Colour Palette: Review


 I have been secretly wanting a lipstick palette from a long, long time. And on my birthday this year (which was recently) when my best friend gave me the Faces Lip Set, I was super excited. This 5 colour lip palette is part of the set, which includes a bunch of different lip products.
 This palette contains five shades of lip colour, both neutral and bold. So would this be the perfect lipstick palette?

 Sadly, no.
 Although the colours are beautiful -they've got a nice colour range there- what the product lacks is good pigmentation. All the colours are quite sheer, except, maybe, the bright red (Voula) which has a stronger pigmentation than all the others.

 At first, I was quite disappointed because I had gotten all excited about mixing colours and creating beautiful shades, but you can't exactly do that when the product is as sheer as this is. But once I got over that, I realized that the sheerness of the product also makes it very wearable on an everyday basis.
 I also like to use my makeup products in multiple ways, so a lipstick is not just a lipstick -it can be blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, whatever. So I do use some of these colours on my cheeks. But I have to add that they don't stay long.

In natural light

Indoors-with flash
 However, this palette has found a place in my everyday makeup routine. I mostly use Vivid, Tralee or Voula.

Overall, if you're a person who likes sheer lipstick, I think this is the palette for you. I think Voula is a definite hit for me. It's an easy way to wear red. But if you're someone who gets super annoyed by sheer lipstick, you should stay clear of this one.

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