Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Faces Lip Butter: Review

 I love lip balms and lip butters. What could be better than moisturising your lips and prepping them for lipstick? Especially for a matte lipstick lover like me. I always had a thing for tinted lip balms, so when I saw the Faces lip butter, which is absolutely colourless, I wasn't very enthusiastic about it. When I started using it, however, I fell in love with it!

 The Faces Lip Butter is a smooth, colourless product which is moisturising, but not the tiniest bit greasy. It's one of those lip butters that you can put on, and nobody can really tell that you're wearing a product at all. You can feel the moisture, of course.
 I love using this at night -I wake up with soft lips. I also like using this under lipstick. The scent of this product is what I love best. The scent of this reminds me of when I pass by a LUSH store in the mall. Which is very pleasant.
 I received the Faces Lip Butter as part of the Faces Lip Set. Therefore, I don't think it can be purchased on its own. Though I'm not entirely sure. But if you do get a chance to give this product a whirl, I'd suggest you go ahead.

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  1. I haven't tried this yet but it sound really good. Nice post!


  2. Sounds so nice, especially for nightly use! I hate lip products you put on at night and your lips feel greasy the next morning, gross! Thanks for the awesome review!


    1. I know that feeling. Greasy morning lips. :(