Thursday, 6 December 2012

This Week: Colorbar Nail Polish in Exclusive 25

 I have been on a search for some nice nude nail polish, like I told you guys about before. So along with Colorbar Exclusive 42, I also got Exclusive 25. And I really, really, really like this one.

My favourite part about this is that it's so opaque compared with some other nude polishes in the market. I would be happy even with one coat for a lighter nude colour. But two coats makes it a perfect brown-y nude colour.
One coat

 A lot of my friends thought this was the same as the Colorbar Exclusive 42, but I can assure you, they are very different. The 42 is more of a milky, beige nude, whereas the 25 is a darker, brown nude. I love them both but I love the opacity of 25 so much more.

Colorbar Exclusive 25, Colorbar Exclusive 42

 I think the Colorbar Exclusive 25 nail polish makes a perfect nude colour for everyday wear. On very light skin tones, this may appear very brown, but it'll make a pretty polish, nonetheless, I'm sure. Overall, I'm very impressed with the nail polish.
 This line of Colorbar nail polishes retail for Rs. 150 and can be found at Colorbar stores, and probably counters, too.


  1. I love nude nail polish!

    Nice blog, I'm a new follower!

    Kimberley x