Sunday, 16 December 2012

MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam 1: Review

 Meet my first ever lipstick from MAC. Actually, first ever anything from MAC. Well, for a college girl's monthly allowance, MAC's kind of on the pricey side. But I decided to treat myself a little this Christmas and go get a lipstick from there. And I picked MAC's Viva Glam 1.

 The reason I got this is because I've always wanted a matte, red lipstick and for some reason, have never gone ahead and gotten one. And this is perfect.
 This is one of those reds that I think will suit any skin tone. It isn't too cool or too warm, it's just a nice neutral red. And the finish is completely matte, which i LOVE because I'm a huge fan of matte lips. Yes, it's a little drying, but I use my Faces Lip Butter before so it's fine.
 I use a lip brush to apply the first coat and go straight from the bullet for the second. This way, it lasts on me for a good 5-6 hours with the tiniest amount of fading.

 My favourite part is that you can wear this lipstick as a lip tint, or as a light wash of red, as I have in the picture above, or you can go full on with a statement red lip.
 All in all, I am obsessed with this lipstick and have been wearing it so much since I got it a few weeks ago. You can get it at any MAC store for Rs. 990.


  1. I still haven't purchased anything from MAC!:(
    College budgets suck sometimes :( The shade looks amazing! Looks so beautiful on you :)

  2. Love this post because it reminds me so much of one I did! One or two years ago when I was still in college Viva Glam Cyndi was my first MAC lipstick & I was so excited! I still haven't found another Mac lipstick I absolutely love as much as that one. This one looks absolutely lovely on you & I also love that all of the profits from the Viva Glam range go to charity!!


    1. Thank you! Yes, the charity part made me feel very noble. :D

  3. I have this one. Oh how much I love this!!!!