Saturday, 1 December 2012

Simple, Odd Skincare- Lacto Calamine Moisturiser: Review

 I'm going to go ahead and put it out there that I am NOT a skincare person. I know they say that it's never too early to start caring for your skin, but I feel like most products available today fall under the 'anti-aging' category, which I don't think I need for now, being eighteen and all. 
 My skin type is really weird. During the hotter months, I have super oily skin. But as soon as it even starts to get cold, the dry patches appear -which, let me tell you, is a very annoying skin type to have.
 And the only skincare related product that I have been using in a relatively consistent way would be the Lacto Calamine moisturisers.

 I'm going to go ahead and say this first.
 I don't think this product is for everyone. I mean there are chances you will HATE this product once you try it (assuming you haven't already). My sister actually doesn't like this very much (at all).
 But I can confidently say that I love this range of products. I have purchased both, the oily and dry skin ones, so I can switch when the seasons change. To anyone who suffers from super oily skin, I would say, go try out the Lacto Calamine classic formula for oily skin.

 The one meant for dry skin doesn't always work when my skin is craving moisture, but it's nice, still. I heard it has some clay-like ingredient, but that might just have been some nonsense my friend was making up. But I have to say it feels weird. I has an odd texture and it leaves a kind of film on the skin that some will dig and some will hate. I get really put off by moisturisers that leave me oily so I appreciate what this does for me.
 Another thing, this has a funny smell. I don't mind it much, though. Also, you sometimes get the facewash to go with it free, and I can tell you this -the pink one is amazing for oily skin. And it smells great too!
 The Lacto Calamine moisturisers retail for Rs. 70 for the 60 ml bottle and Rs. 92 for the 120 ml. 


  1. My mum loves lacto calamine a lot, that clay like thing is calamine that helps the skin against the pollution, i suppose .:)
    Nice review dear!

  2. I love these in summers but I really did not find any significant difference between the two variants :P

    1. Haha. The green one is a tad bit more moisturising is all.

  3. I love Lacto Calamine..its my HG !

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