Friday, 17 October 2014

Crap Health, Hospital Visits and Just Having A Bad Time

So here you go. Here's a life update for those of you who still lurk around my rather lonely blog. But it's been lonely for a reason and here's why. If you follow me on twitter you probably already know that I've been ill with jaundice and typhoid and whatnot. But this isn't the first time I've been ill in the past couple of months. Instead, it almost feels like this was the cherry on top of the cake.

 A month or two ago, I had a bad allergic reaction and spent a night at the hospital. A week or two later, I was diagnosed with a few other issues. After all of that was gone for good, college got extremely stressful which I didn't mind until two weeks age when I fell ill again literally during my exams. I managed to write a few of my papers but then was admitted in the hospital for a week. I have only ever been a visitor in hospitals. I remember visiting my grandpa in his hospital room. And I remember way before that when I used to be upset because I wasn't allowed to visit on account of being too young. I have never been a patient in a hospital. It was odd having people visit me.

 I'm not trying to make a big deal out of nothing. I mean, it wasn't that bad. It was boring, that's for sure. In the beginning, I didn't have the energy for much. Later, I spent my days watching You've Got Mail and Thirteen Going On Thirty or whatever else was playing on Romedy Now. 

 Now I'm home and not completely well, but I'll get there. I have to eat super clean for a month or two, at least. Which means there'll be no cake on my birthday. Which sucks, but oh well. A healthy diet is never a bad thing, right?


  1. Get well soon dear, I hope you are better now. :)

  2. aw hun I am one of your new followers :) Please do not worry just get yourself put right health is more important .
    Get well soon <3


  3. Hey, sorry to hear but just rest up , eat clean, drink plenty fluids, lots of coconut water and Romedy Now is good, it takes away my blues :) cheer up, kiddo

    1. Haha, thank you. And coconut water is my best friend now :)