Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Day to Night: Summer Dresses


I have a new found liking for dresses. I always thought I was a black skinny jeans kinda girl. Now, the thought of black skinny jeans make me cringe. Sadly, I own too many of them to completely abandon them. I have a new interest in denim and dresses. I think they can both be so versatile and transform smoothly from daytime to nighttime. Here's an old school outfit collage post with a few ideas to transform a summer dress from day to night. Let's leave the denim for another day?

Number One

Let's start with- I want that dress.I love the cut, love the subtle layering, love the colour, and love love love the print. I'm not big on florals, but that's such a cool floral print, isn't it? I'm also not big on flower crowns (mostly because I think they're so overdone these days, they don't represent the 60's anymore). But I think if you're doing florals, might as well overdo them. There's something insanely enjoyable about overusing a theme in an outfit. Hence the floral print bag in the evening look, see?

Number Two

Clearly, I'm digging mixing prints. Printed shoes and striped bag for the day and a cleaner look for the night. I would have totally thrown a pair of black heeled pumps here, but I realized that I don't want to be saying that every nighttime look requires heels. Besides, who am I kidding? I'm crap at heels. The few times I push myself to wear them, they come off inelegantly in a few hours' time.

Number Three

Boxy dresses, powder blue, scalloped edges, chunky heels- these are a few of my favourite things. Also, I'm loving that backpacks and sneakers are suddenly considered cool. I've always loved them and now I can wear them and feel like I'm part of the cool crowd unlike before when I just looked like one of the kids.

Number Four

So remember when I told you I'm into denim these days? I was mostly talking about boyfriend jeans. I live in them. I think they can be styled in so many different ways. Love it or hate it, I think they're really cute with that flowy boho-esque dress. Personally, I'd like those jeans better if they were rolled up a little. And then take them off, replace the converse for heels and you have a nighttime look! Also, I intentionally used "fall" colours for this summer look. Just because.

Number Five

And lastly, something to express my love for sleeveless, white, loose things. Also, how cute are those metallic heels?
I think glasses can make such a statement. I wanted to incorporate them somehow and almost put them in the day look but then I thought what the heck. They can be elegant and evening-appropriate too. I wear contact lenses and the pair of glasses I own look very similar to the ones pictured above (except they're cattier, which I love). So I just ditch my lenses for my glasses sometimes. And it works better in the evening because I don't have to bother about not being able to wear sunglasses.

That will be all for today, but I have so many more similar (and not similar. Just many.) posts coming your way. Hope you're enjoying them.

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