Friday, 27 March 2015

The Wrap Up

I've been conscious about this being the fifth and last year of my college life for a while now.

What comes after the absolute end? I always wondered. And wondered and wondered. I expected to shed a few tears. Three months ago, I didn't realize how close to the end I was. Maybe when I have one month to go it'll hit me, I thought. One month to go and it still didn't hit me. Maybe when I have one week to go it'll hit me. One week to go and still nothing. Maybe on my absolute last day it'll hit me. My last day went by like a breeze.

It's over now. Not a tear shed. But now that I'm on the other side of the line, I can tell how it feels. It feels odd. Nothing dramatic, but just an uneasy feeling.

"When do your vacations end?" my little brother asked me.
"They don't end. I could sit around in my room forever," I told him.

And I can, if I want to (of course I don't want to).

From this second on, I have my whole life ahead of me. No plans. Nothing mapped out.

It really is odd.


  1. oh, you'll eventually figure things out, this cycle really never ends! :) all the best!

    1. Thanks! So glad to see you around here again :)