Sunday, 24 May 2015

Nude Everything: Nails

My obsession with nude nail polish is not a new one, but definitely one that has amplified immensely over the past couple of months. Honestly, I probably have already written something similar to this very post, but I’m going to write this anyway because I cannot seem to get over this trend. Nude nail polish. Nude lipstick. Nude eyeshadow. I’m thinking this would make for perfect content for a mini series.
As for nude nails, it has been all that has been adorning my nails for the past couple of months. No jokes. Every time I try to switch things up with some of my old favourites –a pale pink, a butterscotch or even my supposed all-time favourite, a fire engine red, two days later, I am so annoyed with how my nails look, I wipe it all off for a nude again. There’s something very appealing about how clean and minimalist nude nail polish can look.

See, I tried to think about why nude nail polish works so well. I came up with –you don’t have to worry about it matching your outfit because it always will, you don’t have to worry about it matching your skin tone because it is your skin tone. They’re essentially the “sweatpants” of nail polish, but they’re still considered chic! It’s a win-win, really.

My nude nail polish of choice has been Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Polish in Nude Skin. One coat and it’s more of a skin-nude. Two coats and it’s more of a brown-nude. I love both the looks. I love the Color Show line of nail polish in general. I think they’re great quality for how inexpensive they are.

If you haven’t tried this one out and you love nude nail polish like me, or if you want to test it out, I’d definitely recommend this one. 

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  1. Such a pretty color.. cant believe i completed skipped this one..