Thursday, 5 April 2012

Trend Alert? The Go-To Dress

  I love when dresses are casual as well as dressy at the same time. The kind that you can wear to the beach with a pair of flip flops, but completely transform when worn with heels. The dress in the picture right above is one of those. Let's see how.

  So really, that is just a simple shirt dress that's just really fun and girly. When you just look at it, it doesn't even look that great. But who knew!
  Selena Gomez seems to love her yellow dress (it's supposed to be from Topshop).

   So you see, she had it dressed down, with a denim jacket, and just a basic pair of flats. And then she dressed it up with a pair of turquoise pumps and some bangles. And I really like it.
  As for other ways to wear this dress, there's Ashley Greene (I always end up having something about her in my post, I don't know how) who has a completely different take on ways to wear this dress.

  She decided to wear it with fishnets! Which is actually pretty cool. Here check this out:

  Like whoa, way to mix things up. Pretty awesome, huh?

  Anyway, I couldn't find this exact same dress anywhere, Topshop seems to have a lot of similar ones, though.

  But if you look for it, you could probably find it anywhere. 

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