Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring '12: Fashion Trends

  Every season brings with it new trends. Spring comes with so many different trends, it's almost overwhelming. But they're so much fun at the same time. Not like everyone strictly follows them or anything. But I guess it's a nice feeling to find out that something you recently bought or really like to wear is currently very in.
  So here goes my top five favourite trends this spring.

Number One
Bold Prints

  There are so many prints going around right now: abstract prints, african prints, geometric prints, etc. I think they're really fun. They definitely catch the eye, so I guess that's a good thing. Sometimes, when they're overdone, the outfit gets way too busy, then that sucks. So I like to keep just one (heavily) printed piece in the outfit. Like, a dress, a top, a blazer or even shoes. Whatever. As long as it's just one. I also think geometric prints are very classy. Don't you think?

Number Two

   Well, I'm glad pastels are big this spring. They're so pretty and light and feminine. AND very appropriate -for just about everything. Like, they're simple and fancy at the same time. So, I like them.

Number Three
Neon Colours

   Now I wouldn't say I particularly love this trend or anything. I mean, it's a very loud trend. But for those who can pull it off, it works. And I don't even mean only neon colours (even though that is what the title suggests), I mean just really bright colours in general. They're perfect for colour-blocking (which is also supposed to be big this spring).

Number Four

  For some reason, I just love the colour orange. It's just so fruity (probably because it's called 'orange'), fun, lively and it instantly brightens anyone up. Tangerine is a way stronger version, but you can always tone it down to a basic, easy orange if tangerine doesn't work for you.

Number Five

  So, yeah. Big surprise there. Florals for spring?! Never saw that one coming! But this spring it's a tiny bit different. There's the regular floral -you know, something with obvious flowers on it. And then there's this other one which is only inspired by flowers. I don't know how much sense that makes, but if you get it, you'll know that it's actually pretty cool. Look at that black/blue/yellow dress on the extreme right.

  And that is it. My five favourite trends this spring. 

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