Wednesday, 18 April 2012

5 Fun, Colourful Spring Outfits

  Everyone loves spring for all it's colour. Brights are so amazing during spring and summer.But sometimes colour can be a little difficult to wear. So here are five fun ways to incorporate colour in your outfit:

Number One: 

  Floral leggings are not for everyone, put if you can pull them off, they make amazing spring wear. A hot pink blazer and teal heels are always fun, too.

Number Two

  Do you like brightly coloured jeans? They seem to be everywhere these days. They are also an easy way to wear colour. 
  Also, if you're not into wearing neon colours, you can tone them down to wearing duller, paler colours.

Number Three

  Oh I love this one. The combination of yellow and red seems rather odd, but here, it works. And later, you can always take off the blazer for a simple tank top and jeans combo, and switch the heels for easy flip flops.

Number Four

This is, what I like to call, a very 'Katy Perry' outfit. A miniskirt and a floral bustier with bright heels. 

Number Five

And here we have a nice, bright yellow outfit. The warm yellow and orange dominate the outfit, with cool mint lingering about. I love doing that -mixing warm and cool colours. 

And.............that's it! I hope you're having a nice summer!

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