Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fashion Inspired: Emma Stone

  Emma Stone is one of my favourite actresses in Hollywood, if not my favourite. She's so funny and charming and all the good things. And I love her style -fun, feminine and flirty. So here are, according to me, some of the best outfits she has worn.

  Colour is definitely Emma's thing. She looks great when she's wearing bright, pretty colours. Like that orange gown right above is just the right shade, so it doesn't clash with her red hair.

  Pink and fuschia especially seem to be perfect on her. You know how some people say that redheads shouldn't wear pink? Well, Emma Stone proves them all wrong. She pulls off multiple pink dominated attires and manages to look absolutely adorable in all of them. It's probably her pale skin tone that makes the pink pop a little bit more. I love the above three outfits. They just prove that she's one fearless girl and likes taking risks with colour sometimes.

  As for her red carpet gowns, I love both of these above but don't you see a lot of similarity there? Long and flowy, belted, similar necklines, high slit on skirt, ankle straps, updos... She seems to love that type of thing. And they work for her: fierce and goddess-like.

Then I also love, love love...

  And yeah. Here's an Emma Stone outfit I put together. You can probably guess what exactly it's inspiration is.

Celebrity Images: http://www.eonline.com/


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