Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Back to Basics: One Top, Three Outfits

  If there's one thing I love to hoard on, that'd be basics. Mostly, plain, loose, single coloured tees. I love Zara for that -they fit just right. If you know what I mean. My friend once called me 'a waste of a body', because every time we went shopping, I'm immediately attracted to 'loose, identical looking shirts that are just dyed different colours'. Well, the truth is, every time I look at something like that, I can already imagine the innumerable, different outfits that I can make with that one piece.
  Yes. I love my basics.
  So, here are three tops, and three different outfits from each of them. That is, nine different outfits.

  Number One

   So the first one's an orange top (from Zara). This outfit's just really casual. Totally appropriate for a lazy day out during summer.

  So here the same shirt is way dressier and more formal.

  And finally, an extremely edgy outfit, perfect for a night out or something. I totally wanted to add glittery pants, but I don't think I'd ever really wear them. So yeah, simple ones should do.

Number Two

  Next is this mint coloured tee. I love mint for spring, it's just so...fresh. So, this outfit's perfect for the beach and other casual, more chilled out events.

  So the same mint tee is a whole lot more dressy here. You could wear this...well, wherever you wanted to. It's just really fun and spring appropriate. 

  And finally, this one's even more formal and somewhat business-like, but still colourful and fun at the same time.

Number Three

  And for the last one, is this black, long sleeved top. I think this is something everyone should own. There are just so many possibilities with this one. The first outfit's just a simple going-out-to-watch-a-movie type. Or whatever. You get my point. 

  As for the second outfit, I have to say, I absolutely love that skirt. And those shoes. The whole thing together, is perfectly party-appropriate. 

  And finally, this semi-casual outfit. (Love the leather blazer by Rachel Zoe)

  So you see? A simple tee can be transformed in so many ways. That is why I love my basics.


  1. Wow what a beautiful collection. I love all outfits so much as well as have best jewellery. I like mint coloured tee and skirt so much.

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  2. i lov my basics too..specially the plain black tee ! :D

  3. The plain white or black or in fact any color just works wonders!