Monday, 25 April 2011

Edgy, much?

   Have you noticed the sudden change in celebrity clothing?  Have you noticed how suddenly the goody two-shoes, pretty clothing is being gradually pushed aside for something so much edgier?  Do you see the dawn of some kind of rock/punk/gothic style in recent times?
   Well, I do. See it, I mean.
   When did the simple, delicate, single bracelet with the white lace dress get replaced by chunky bracelets and rings? Uh, exactly when the white lace dress started being worn with a black leather jacket. And studs replaced shiny stones.

The word edgy is being used so often now. Don't you think so?
   All the way from Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow to Kristen Stewart and Fergie -they all love doing it the edgy way. Most of whom were known for their elegant style (I said, MOST)!

Gwyneth Paltrow and JLo going super edgy

Okay, so the fashion police is still against concentrate gothic style. But the tamed form of it is just termed as fierce. Personally, I have nothing against it. Instead, I kinda like it! When people do it right, that is.
  Some people (like, say, your sister, for example) don't understand why you don't want to wear your pretty, little black dress with delicate stilettos, instead of the caged red pumps you chose to wear with it, instead. She says, "I don't understand you or your style (can I call it that?) anymore." "Well, you wouldn't." you shoot back.
  So, yes. A lot of people are not loving it very much. Some love it concentrated. I like it mild. Its all about personal choice.
 If you love it, you're getting lucky. If you hate it.........well...? Ignore it?


  1. Nicely done :)
    i love the cheetah in ur wallpaper. forever 21 used have a pendant like that :)