Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fashion Inspired: Taylor Swift

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think 'Talyor Swift'?
Blonde curls and shiny guitars!
   Yeah! Also, great lyrics and a down-to-earth attitude.  And a signature style. An original one. An inspiring one.                                                      
That's what I'm going to look into.

    Taylor Swift has something of the typical country-girl style with a fresh twist of colour and girliness. She's known for her brightly coloured outfits on the red carpet. Another thing she loves to bring to the red carpet is glitter and a whole lot of sparkle. 
    Most of the dresses she wears are above the knee, flared and sleeveless. They are far from being trashy (like a lot of other celebs her age) and always give out pleasant vibes.

Taylor Swift's obsession with glitter and sparkle

Proof that she loves all the flare


   She mostly pairs her clothes with strappy sandals or peep toes, a bright lip colour and minimal accesories. Oh, and a beautiful smile.
   I mean, what could be better than fresh girliness? You get tired of the edginess around after a while!

   So.... my favourite Taylor Swift outfit is.............

   Yup. Love this one. Way to mix countriness with trendiness. 
   Oh and my fav Tayor Swift song? Um.... Long Live. And, Dear John.

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