Monday, 18 April 2011

Springing up your Wardrobe: Easy Trends (Spring '11)

   Spring is officially here (or has been for a while now, anyway) and all the world's corals & florals are parading into your wardrobe. Seriously, what season can be better that spring when the flowers are blooming and everything is pleasant?
   But wait.
We live in India. And especially  for those living in Mumbai, such a thing as spring doesn't exist. For us, its just summer all over again. So......what, we don't follow season's trends anymore?
   See, according to me, there are two kinds of season cycles -the season cycle of the real world and the season cycle of the fashion world. So what if your country doesn't exactly follow the former? You can always follow the latter!

   Now, the conventional spring clothing was all about florals and pastels. Of course, they're still alive, but what 2011 has brought with it this spring is an exuberant use of bang on, bold colours. And colour blocking! Obviously, you have heard of colour blocking! Well, in case you haven't, colour blocking involves making use of blocks of multiple solid colours in one outfit. You can have various solid colours in one piece of cloth, divided by a clear, sharp line, or you can just do it by pairing different solid-coloured pieces of clothing in such a way that they make a gorgeous whole outfit.

Colour blocking in its raw form

What do you think about bright coloured pants?

Clearly, you can mend this trend according to your taste. (That's what I love about fashion. You can always twist and turn a ruling trend to suit your needs)

   Yes, there is a lot more to colour blocking than what is mentioned above. Its mostly all about getting the combinations right. It does involve a bit of bravery, but if you keep the colours smooth and clean, there's nothing you have to worry about.

   But if you're still hesitant about trying colour blocking, there are other ways to be sober and still follow the 'Bold Colour' trend. But I'm just gonna keep that for another post.


  1. Nice blog honey...hope you check out & follow mine :D

  2. I love colorblocking though i have to admit im nt quite adventurous with mixing colors..so far green and pink i like doing..

  3. I did a trend report too sometime back :)