Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Trend Alert: Wedges

   Every girl loves shoes, and keeping up with shoe trends is the best part. Shoe trends do take longer to pass than clothing trends, but thats kinda nice, actually (you save on cash). Clothing trends emerge in a little more of the 'in-your-face' manner as compared to shoe trends that come in more subtly. So, it does become a little difficult to keep track of them.
   But with some, you can just tell.
   So, if you don't already know, the Wedge Shoe is the new in-thing. Shoe styles have come and gone. Classics remain. The shoe trend, this Spring/Summer, officially, are wedges.

   If someone would have asked me about them, say, a year ago, I'd have gone, "Er...gross. Platform Heels." But apparently, the two are very different. AND, Platforms are coming back too. But wedges are here already. They're everywhere. They're what most celebrities are flaunting. They've even been found ruling the runway!
   Wedge shoes cut somewhere in between formal and informal, so you don't have to worry about where you wear them -they're appropriate for most events.

   They come in a variety of patterns and are also available in a series of colours, ranging from bright neons to, pale peaches and beiges, to the basic blacks and whites. So you'll definitely find one you'll love. They also happen to be a much more comfortable shoe for a high heel than your regular stiletto heel. In fact, I think this is pretty much a convenient trend for most people, which is nice. 

   So go check them out! You might just find new shoe-love.


  1. I used to not be a wedges girl but they are a fun way to wear heels casually!

  2. I have always been dead-against wedges but suddenly I'v grown kinder towards them. Still need to buy my first pair :)