Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One Dress, Two Ways: Easy Summer Style

One Dress, Two Ways

 I had an obsession with buying dressy dresses. Expensive, dressy dresses. Until one day I realized that I have so many of them and barely enough places to wear them to. If you have friends like mine, you'd know how the only places you go out to are eating places that don't require you to throw on those heels and that snazzy dress. Putting on some red lipstick is as fancy as it gets. 
 So now, I like to buy clothes that can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

  Take this dress, for example. It's so floaty which will work perfectly for this God awful weather. (When is winter coming?) And what I like is that you can dress it up or down by just switching up a few accessories. 
 I have a dress that one of my best friends gifted me, that's similar. In the sense that it's super floaty, too, and I can get away with wearing it during both the day and nighttime. I honestly didn't think I'd wear it as much as I actually do. Great investment. Well, technically I didn't buy it. But I should invest in more of these.

Do you have multi-tasking pieces of clothing?


  1. Love that back pack! Its so cute for summer
    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

    1. Yeah I totally want to get a backpack. Even though they're so inconvenient.

  2. I like this idea of having one dress and can easily be transformed into day/night outfit. I have some dresses like that. Great post.