Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ready For Spring: Blue Nail Polish

 My favourite season has gone by, but now it's time for spring. We don't really have a spring out here in Mumbai, so I would say we're at summer already, but let's just call it spring for now.
 Since spring is all about bright colours and the like, I love experimenting with bright nail polish. I'm probably going to venture out into the world of bright lipstick, too, this season. Since I'm not one to wear very colourful clothing, this kind of stuff is really fun.
 So anyway, I decided to share with you guys four blue nail polishes from my collection.

From the left: (ignoring the black nail polish at the extreme left) Faces Ultramarine Blue, Colorbar Blue Lagoon, Lakme Freespirit N020, Revlon Blue Lagoon
 Starting from the darkest shade, I have Faces's Ultramarine Blue which is a really pretty deep blue colour. Not a very spring appropriate colour, but a really nice one if you're looking for a deep blue. The quality of these are great, too.
 Next is Colorbar's Blue Lagoon. I got this one on impulse because it looked so pretty in the bottle. However, I don't think this suits me much and so I don't get too much use out of it. But it still is a pretty colour and I think it'll look really nice if you have cool toned skin. (But I must warn you about some amount of streakiness. None of the other Colorbar polishes have given me this problem, though)
 Then, we have the real pretty one from Lakme. It's really old so I'm sure it has been discontinued which is why I just can't let it go even though it's starting to dry out. It basically, a really pretty metallic blue with fine, blue-silver shimmer. If any of you can think of a dupe, do let me know!
 And finally, leaving the best for last, my absolute favourite blue shade of nail polish, this is Revlon's Blue Lagoon. Its a really pretty, pastel blue colour with some real pretty shimmer in there. I think this will be perfect for spring and summer! I'll definitely be sporting this one most of this season. And the quality of Revlon nail polishes are so nice, too. I'll probably be looking into what they have now and grab a new colour or two.
Revlon's Blue Lagoon
From top to bottom: Faces Ultramarine Blue, Colorbar Blue Lagoon, Lakme Freespirit N020, Revlon Blue Lagoon

 And that will be all. I will definitely be looking into getting some new nail polish and lip colour, maybe, to welcome the season. And with the humidity now, probably some waterproof mascara!

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  1. Beautiful shades hun! I adore wearing blues for spring an summer and all of these look great! <33

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter! :))


  2. not much fan of blue nail paints.. but the revlon one is pretty :)

    1. It certainly is. And I think it will suit all skintones.

  3. nice shades... and good idea to apply nail paints o same family with different tones

    1. Haha! I just put them on together to show proper nail swatches. But I've had them on for a while now! :D

  4. oo I love all these shades!
    The darker one being my favourite <3

    UK High Street Fashion

  5. Those shades are so nice!

    Becky xx

    Come visit me at: http://tiedyeandteacups.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. Love the color blue! I think my favourite is the light one!


  7. i have so many blue nail polish. at least i am ready for spring haha

  8. love all the shades of blue :)