Friday, 8 March 2013

My February Favourites '13

 I do realize that we're practically halfway through March and a February Favourites will be a tad bit too irrelevant, BUT, I'm going to do one anyway.
 First of all, I don't have too many favourites this month. I've been loving pretty much the exact same things as last month as far as products go. But here are a few new extra bits and pieces of February.

(I'm not creating sections because there are so few)

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

 February has been my gel liner month and I've had this one for a while now. It's gotten quite dry as you can probably tell from the picture but I scoop the product from the edges where it is still smooth. But I will have to do something about the dryness.
 But overall, I have been loving creating different eyeliner looks with this product.

The Body Shop Lip Balm In Satsuma Shimmer

 This has been my go-to nighttime lip balm. If you're a big citrus fan you might like the way this smells. I used to love the scent. I'm not the biggest fan of it anymore but I don't hate it either. But basically this is a nice, moisturizing lip balm that I cannot go to bed without putting on.

L'oreal Iron Finish Techni-Art 

 I'm not even sure what the actual name of this product is, but it's basically this cream sort of thing that I use on my hair before I iron it. It gives my hair a nicer finish when straightened and I'm assuming it protects it from the heat a tiny bit too. You only need a small amount of this product which makes me very happy. My favourite part, though, is that this stuff smells so good. Just like an expensive salon would smell.

Juicy Couture's Couture Couture

 I have been in love with this fragrance. Its definitely a sweet fragrance, but with an edge. Like, it's sweet, but it has so much of a... personality to its sweetness. And with time it develops into a lighter fragrance which is also quite awesome. The fact that the packaging is so cool makes it even better.

Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat in Disco Gold

 I have been layering this stuff over every nail colour I wear. I especially love it over a nice nude nail polish. It thinks it's really pretty.

Other Favourites

 New Girl and Pretty Little Liars have been the shows I've been obsessed with in February. I just can't get enough of them. Especially New Girl. 
 As for books, Matched by Ally Condie is what I finished and I loved the book. P!nk's Just Give Me A Reason has been THE song of the month. Just give it a few listens and I guarantee you'll be just as obsessed.

And that will be all! I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites of February despite the delay.

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  1. Aww... it's ohk to be late... I liked the post a lot... :)

  2. This post reminded me that I need to get a body shop lip balm!
    Also, that nail polish looks beautiful!

    1. They have some great lip balms, don't they? I also want to try out their lip butters.

  3. Great choices! The Satsuma lip balm sounds lovely- the Satsuma scent is so classic and yummy! :)



  4. Great post! :)

    Stop by and check out my February favorites!!


  5. I love maybelline gel eyeliner! Great post it doesn't matter that it's late because i really enjoyed it :)


  6. I love Body Shop lipgloss!! I still have a few, but they are getting very old haha. But I am loving them.


  7. OMG! The nail Polish!!!