Monday, 25 March 2013

Faces Eyeshadow in FES272 (An Olive Green, in simple words)

 I've been getting into using eyeshadow and I'm definitely a neutral eyeshadow girl. I love my browns and blacks and golds. But colour? Not so much.
 However, I still wanted to experiment with a little bit of colour and I've heard that the easiest way to wear coloured eyeshadow, is wearing olive green. It's green, yet so wearable.
 Before I start, let me put it out there, that I am aware of the fact that FES272 is a rather odd name for an eyeshadow. But I honestly couldn't figure out what else it could possibly be.
 Moving on...

 I would call this a metallic olive green/ khaki colour with a satin finish. It's really pretty when swatched but when I first started using it, I was rather disappointed with its staying power. However, I have learned now that if you build it up some, or wear it with a base, it can last a good number of hours.
 As for the colour itself, I think it's very wearable and will suit many skintones. Still, I would say that it's not a colour I reach for very often because even an olive green can be a little tacky to wear on an everyday basis. Not that I wear eyeshadow everyday. But I think when darkened with some matte black eyeshadow, some strong eyeliner and full lashes, it can create quite the gorgeous green smokey eye -which is a nice change from your regular browns every once in a while.

 I don't have any complaints with this product. Nothing extraordinary about it, but it's a good one.
 It retails for Rs. 549, which is on the pricey side for Faces, but I got it on a discount.

I'm still curious, though. Do Faces eyeshadow singles have names?

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  1. I have one of these eyeshadows..in pink..forgot if it had a name ! The finger swatch looks gorgeously pigmented.. but the second swatch seems paler ..

    1. Yeah. Like I said, it requires layering. Also, the lighting is a little brighter in the second picture, so it looks still paler.

  2. The finger swatch looks gorgeous. I love the antique gold-olive colour!

  3. Nice shade, khaki and olive green seems to be in this season