Tuesday, 23 October 2012

4 Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

  Say your goodbyes to the heat of the sun and welcome chillier weather. Same with your wardrobe. But do you really have to throw away that bright pink pair of heels or that gorgeous coral top until next summer? I'd say that'd be horribly unfair. So here are a few fall outfits that incorporate summer pieces to create fall attires.

Number One

  I'm really liking the crop top trend. That bright pop of colour with a pink cami will only enhance the soberness of the rest of the pieces.

Number Two

  Who else is loving burgundy right now? I love mixing up fall and summer colours.

Number Three

  Ooo, I love this one! Most of us happen to have 'invested' in a pair of bright heels that seems useless right now. I don't want to put them away just yet. So I'm going to use them, anyway. 

Number Four

  Play with metallics. Nobody will even notice that you're actually using your summer clothing in disguise. 

And that is all. I hope this gave you some ideas to transform your summer wardrobe without having to put away too many things. Stick around for a post on my favourite fall trends -coming soon!

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