Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Update: Big Changes on the Blog

  When I first decided to start this blog, this is exactly how I wanted it to be -just the way it is right now. So I am proud of it. But, lately, I have been giving this some thought. And after a lot of thinking, I decided I wanted to take this blog one step further. I want to make it more personal. More me. So what is this going to be all about? Keep reading...

 I am basically planning to include pictures I have taken myself, and not rely on Polyvore for everything. So mostly hauls, and things on the streets and shops that look fabulous and I couldn't help snapping a quick picture of. I just went shopping today, so I'm excited about making a haul out of it. I'm still not sure about the way I'm going to click the pictures, but I'll try my best. 
  Then maybe if I get comfortable with this... I could do Outfit of the Days? I don't know! I don't want to make promises. But I can tell you, there's going to be a lot more in here.
  And finally, I also have plans of turning this into a fashion AND beauty blog. YES. Beauty. I do love make-up a lot and have really been getting into it recently. I think it'd be fun writing about my buys, what I think of them, how I like to use them and all of that. But I am not entirely sure about this beauty part. I'm still thinking about that.

  So yes, I have bigger plans for Embellished now, and I really hope everything works out. This is going to be a really big change for me, bigger than you will ever know, but I'm also super excited! 

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