Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How to: Dressy Shorts?

  So it's summer and shorts are everywhere. Who doesn't love shorts for summer? But when I say 'shorts', I don't just mean pair of denim shorts with a tank top and flip flops that you wear to the beach. Shorts are sooo much more than that. Shorts can even be dressy.
  Ever thought about wearing a pair of shorts to dinner at the fanciest restaurant around? If you haven't then you might want to start. Because shorts, are everywhere. 

  To start off, let's take a look at how celebrities are sporting their shorts lately.

I think all of these are awesome, some more dressy than the others. 

  To own a pair of shorts that you can dress up as well as dress down is really an investment, especially this season. Anything with lace or glitter is automatically on the dressier side. But other than that, you can dress up even other, simpler pairs of shorts. This way you can wear your comfortable pair of shorts to nicer events as well!
  Here are five different outfits that might hopefully inspire you to make your own dressy-shorts-outfit.

Number One

  This is a rather colourful outfit- perfect for daytime outings. And of course, it follows a lot of summer's trends. Bright colours, florals...

Number Two

  I love the way the pale gold colour goes with the blue. Its calming, almost. And quite classy, if I must say so. The white accessories just add to the delicateness of this outfit.

Number Three

  A nice, neutral coloured, feminine outfit with a pop of colour on the neck. 

Number Four

  Formal and awesome. The upper half in lighter, cooler colours, and the lower half in black. Always works.

Number Five

  Rose gold is the new obsession right now. And I think it's really pretty. Like a prettier version of gold. 'Prettier' in the conventional use of the word. I don't know if it beats a nice, warm gold colour, but it sure is something. So yeah, some nice rose gold accessories for this outfit.

So, yeah. It's getting hot? Put on your best pair of shorts and go beat the heat!

Celebrity Images: http://www.eonline.com/


  1. I actually adore the number 3 look!:D

    Please check out my blog, just wrote my first post :D

  2. Love these the outfits are adorable!

  3. All these outfits are great! There are some killer shoes in this lineup ;)