Monday, 11 June 2012

Back to Basics(2): The Black and White Shirt

  I decided to make a Back to Basics series, because of various reasons. First, I think that basics need to get the attention they deserve. Second, I got a nice response from my previous Back to Basics post. And third, I love making these!
  So here for you is the second edition of Back to Basics. If you missed the first one, check it out: Back to Basics(1)

  Everyone knows that a black shirt and a white shirt are wardrobe must haves -mostly because they are so versatile. So here are three different outfits using each of them.

The Black Shirt

Number One

  The easiest way to wear a black shirt -with a pair of blue jeans. I like keeping the accessories colourful so the outfit doesn't get boring.

Number Two

 Black and yellow is an amazing colour combination. But just so it doesn't get too 'bumblebee', I like to break it using a completely different solid colour.

Number Three

  Who doesn't like a nice leather jacket? One really fun thing to do is to mix it up with really dainty pieces like that floral skirt. It creates a mixed up, yet put together look.

The White Shirt

Number One

  Turquoise and teal accessories layered over an otherwise neutral colour palette. Altogether they make a nice, cool, summer-y outfit.

Number Two

  Playing with colour, metallics and spikes. Again, a mixed up, yet put together look. 

Number Three

  And finally, a little bit of a school uniform outfit, but add some fun accessories, and it's actually pretty!

And that is it. I hope you enjoyed reading!

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  1. That second outfit is gorgeous. Especially those shoes! :O Great post!

    Check out my blog, I tagged you in a post! :)


  2. The second and third white shirt outfits are amazing! Rachel x


    1. I love the second white shirt outfit a lot too! :)