Monday, 21 May 2012

4 Ways to Wear the Coloured Pants Trend

 Surely you know that coloured pants are big this season. With spring and summer comes fun and colour, and wearing that colour on your pants is the new big thing. But most people shy away from wearing brightly coloured pants, so here are four easy ways to pull off this trend.

Number One

  One of the easiest ways to wear colour on your pants is to keep everything else in your outfit, plain and neutral. Wearing white on top is the way to go if you're not sure about what colour might match your pants. So, keep the rest of your accessories simple and neutral and you're good to go!

Number Two

  Another way to wear coloured pants is this- it's called being neutral discreetly. You wear colours that are neutral, but go for bolder prints and patterns. The fringed bag, for example. So even if your pants are brightly coloured, your outfit still has a lot going on with everything else. And because everything else is neutral, it's not difficult to pull off. 
(You can even put on a bright colour of nail polish so it looks like you're playing with colour, when in reality, you are so not.)

Number Three

  This is another very easy way to wear coloured pants. If you're a black lover like me, this is how you're gonna wanna do it: Wear your coloured pants and then just keep everything else in your outfit black. Like, EVERYTHING. Your shoes, bag, jewellery, nail polish, everything. This way, your pants will be a nice pop of colour in your otherwise black outfit.

Number Four

  And finally, if you're someone who likes to take risks, or loves the colour-blocking trend, go ahead and colour block your outfit. Add even more colour, just make sure they match and go well together. You can create a really fun look, in the end.

  So yeah, go ahead and rock your coloured pants. They aren't that hard to wear, really. Just have fun with them.


  1. amazing post embellished...i bought some (read red,pink,green) pants sooo will try all this...

  2. I am loving coloured skinny jeans right now! Great idea for a post!

    PS. I tagged you in a post!