Saturday, 26 May 2012

Fashion Inspired: Kristen Stewart

  Kristen Stewart is someone I adore for her style. Yes, it's not for everyone. Definitely not. But she has an individuality of sorts. And I like that she sticks to her style, no matter what. I won't comment on her acting. I think Bella Swan's the one with the problem, because Kristen was awesome in many other movies, especially, my favourite, The Runaways.
  As for her fashion sense, here are some of my favourite and least favourite Kristen Stewart outfits.

  Kristen Stewart wore this to Cannes and honestly, I don't really like it. It almost looks like somebody forced her into wearing it because its so unlike her. Fitting and body hugging pieces are more of her thing.

  This is one awesome outfit by Kristen Stewart. I love the way she has put it together. Its simple, yet quite edgy. I mean, except for the printed pants, everything else is quite basic.
  Also, if you're interested, Zara has some amazing printed pants you should check out.

  Here's what she wore to the Kid's Choice Awards. I think it's so fun and colourful. I love bright lace with a nude base. 

  I. LOVE. This. It's so classy. It even gives a sexy vibe, even though her elbows AND knees are covered. And that belt with the dress is just fab.

  I really like this outfit. From neck to knees, anyway. I'm not sure about what's going on with her hair and shoes. Here's how I would wear it:

  I love the dress and I love the shoes and I love how they look on her. But Kristen surely has a thing for strapless minis, doesn't she? She has shown the largest variety of looks using only a strapless mini and a pair of shoes.


  I'm not sure what I think about this. It's a little too 'schoolgirl', don't you think? A real tough schoolgirl, yeah.

'Ugly' is a harsh word but I strongly dislike this outfit. I'm usually a big fan of black lace, but here it just looks wrong. I mean I almost feel uncomfortable looking at her. It looks like an... an itchy dress. So, yes. I would say: fail.

 I absolutely love the concept of this outfit. The formal feel of the pants, with the slightly casual cropped top and the pop of colour with the neon heels.
Here's an inspired outfit:

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed reading.


  1. absolutely gorgeous....sh looks stunning the whole post....nice one embellished!!