Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nyass's New Line of Delicious Soaps

  There's something super appealing about bath/shower products, isn't there? But they're usually priced so ridiculously, you almost don't want to use them. Which is why Nyassa's new line of soaps are a really exciting release.
 They have 28 new soap releases in some of the coolest fragrances including Cafe Noir, Mandarin Citrus, Under the Ocean and Alphonso. I was sent the Alphonso* and Shea Butter* soaps to try out.

 The ingredients are as natural as it can get and all the soaps are designed for various skin types. It explains it all in the label (Mean Girls quote!).
 I tried the Alphonso soap and I quite liked it. First off, the quantity you get is really good (150 grams, I think). It smells like a mix of a real mango, the mango bite candy and something else that I can't quite put my finger on. But in your hand, it literally looks like a giant, square chunk of mango. It lathers quite well which was a little surprising. I don't know why I assumed it wouldn't. The scent is pleasant but doesn't linger after your shower/bath, which is something I actually like. I mean, what is my moisturizer and perfume for, then?
 I can't wait to try the Shea Butter soap because it contains saffron and honey, and something about that is very appealing to me. Also, the Mandarin Citrus one sounds amazing and I really want to try that one.

 These soaps are now available at all Nyassa outlets. You can even buy them online here. They're decently priced starting from Rs. 200 which, I think is quite a bargain for an all natural soap, especially if you find one particularly for your skin type and in a scent you really like.

*products were sent but my opinion is obviously honest

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