Thursday, 13 June 2013

This Week: Nail Art For The Messy Girl

 I'm not one to sport fancy nail art, but every now and then I like to try something new. I obviously have my conditions when it comes to this type of thing. Number one, it has to be easy and not time consuming. Number two, the tools used should be simple. And number three, it should look all right even if it's super messy and not uniform at all. 
 So here's what I came up with!
 I was inspired by one of the nail tutorials by MissJenFabulous on YouTube where she used a straw to create patterns on her nails. I thought it was quite interesting so I made my own messy, glittery version of it. Here's what I used:

Colorbar Pro Glitterati Topcoat in Disco Gold, Colorbar's Exclusive 42, Colorbar's Exclusive 44, Faces Ultramarine Blue  

 All I did really was paint all my nails with the nude colour and then started spotting my nails with tiny droplets of the blue and pink nail polishes, and blowing them in different directions using a straw. Mind you, you have to go slow, one drop at a time, starting with the lighter, less overwhelming colour (in this case, the pink), followed by the darker colour(s). Once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy and quick -drop, blow in one direction, drop, blow in another direction.
 You can be super neat about it but I like how they look like random splatters of colour when you're less careful about the way they're placed. 
 I obviously had to top it all with glitter topcoat, because I may be a little bit obsessed with that stuff. But I loved the end result!