Sunday, 20 January 2013

Twin OOTDs: Winter Blacks and Grays

 My cousin and I like to dress alike every once in a while. It may sound absurd, but we've been doing it for years. We do it very rarely now, but it's still fun! So here's a twin outfit of the day for you.

 In the picture above I'm wearing a tank top from UMM, pants from Mango, jacket/shrug from Vero Moda, belt and ring from Colaba Causeway.

 My cousin has on a cami from Jockey ( I need to get one of these), jeans from Jealous21, cardigan from pantaloons and the ring from colaba. The belt was gifted and the watch is her dad's.

 You may have noticed we don't have shoes on. Sorry about that. But we were just wearing laid back flats. 
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