Thursday, 3 January 2013

Faces Eyeshadow Quad in Go Chic: Review

 I was never an eyeshadow person, but now I feel like I'm turning into one. So here's an eyeshadow quad from Faces that I absolutely love. What I love about this is that it's less of an eyeshadow quad and more of an eye+cheek palette for me. The two colours on the left for the cheeks and the two on the right for the eyes.
 All the colours are pretty but there is one clear winner from them all for me. It is the highlight colour -the one on the far left. That is the prettiest baby pink-pearly colour. It's the one I use most from the quad. I don't actually use it as an eyeshadow -more as a face highlighter. And i think it makes for a great highlighter. It does not look pink on your cheek at all -just adds a nice, pearly sheen with the tiniest amount of glitter.

The highlight colour on my cheek and brow bone 

  The rest of the colours are nice too. They have average but buildable pigmentation.I use the pink as blush. The gunmetal purply colour is a little off for me but I do adore the last deeper purple. 

 Overall, I do recommend this palette mostly because of what I like to call it's 'cheek section'. Especially the highlight colour. The palette retails for Rs. 299 and can be purchased wherever Faces cosmetics are sold.