Thursday, 8 September 2011

Trends This Fall (2011)

So summer’s trends are fading away and fall’s trends are creeping in. (And yeah, even if you live in a place where such a thing as fall doesn’t exist, who said you couldn’t at least follow the trends? And you always have winter!)
   So I’m gonna highlight some of the most prominent trends this fall, or at least my favorite ones. Here we go…

Number One

This is one major trend. And it’s fun too. Layer up on your clothing. Wear more pieces of clothing than you usually would. Just make sure you keep it a little subtle. Oh, and this also helps stay warm and cozy.
And if it isn’t cold enough to heavily layer up, keep the layers as thin as possible. Or if you want to keep it simple, don’t layer up on the clothes. Throw on a scarf/stole, a necklace, maybe. Leggings or tights added to your outfit work perfectly.

Number Two
All Black

If you are a fan of black clothing, you must love this trend. Just like I do. It’s simple. Just make sure every item you wear is black. Instead of playing with color, here, you play with fabrics, prints and patterns. Oh, and try to keep all of them the same shade of black (YES. The same shade of black). Or it just ends up looking disturbing.

Number Three
Polka Dots

This is a trend that isn’t for everyone. Some of us just can’t wear polka dots without feeling absolutely retro. So, you can either ignore this, OR you can incorporate the famous polka dots into your outfit very subtly. Maybe on a scarf, or shoes, or your bag, etc.

Number Four

This, again, is one trend that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people hate this color. I think it’s a nice, fresh color for fall and winter. Especially if you layer it up with browns and creams, it can really look amazing. Then again, you can pick the easy way out by wearing pieces of it on your nails, accessories, etc.

Number five

Rust is one of my all time favorite colors. It’s like a sophisticated version of orange. Anyway, it’s another trend this fall. But this one’s mostly got to do with overcoats. So if you’re planning on investing on a nice overcoat, and are not sure which color to pick, rust is a good option.

Number Six

Lace has been here for a while now and I think it’s one of those trends that’s a favorite for many. Just about everybody adores lace. I hated it as a kid, because I thought it made my skin itch. I obviously have a different opinion now.

Number Seven

Another color trend. Wear this however you want, personally, I like to wear this on my nails. And on accessories, maybe. It looks fabulous on nails.

Number Eight
The Maxi Skirt

Another love-it or hate-it trend. Honestly, when I think maxi-skirt, I think summer, beaches, sand…. To make this work for fall and winter takes some thinking. But if you can get it right, you can totally make it work.

Yeah well, that’s it! Enjoy the season, and don’t hesitate to mend trends according to your personal style. Because that’s where the real fun comes in.

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