Friday, 5 August 2011

Picture Inspired (1): Bold, Bright, Floral

   Tell me if you've ever felt like you just don't know what to wear, how to wear what you wear, how to layer up without messing up, what trend to follow. You put something on, add an accessory or two, decide to put on a different colour with your shoes, something completely different with your earrings, you pull your hair up and wear bright lipstick.
   And in the end you look like a mix up of three different trends you were thinking of. And just wrong.
   Hence, it helps if you have something to refer to if you're not good at making it in your head. Pick a nice, glamorous picture from a magazine or wherever, and now try doing the same, don't copy, just get inspired... by the colours, or maybe the pattern, the style....

   That's exactly what I'm going to do here.
   So lets start with this one...

   So what does that Vogue cover make you think of? 
   Well, it screams bold, bright orange for one thing. If you're one of those people who think that orange is not a fashionable colour, well, let me tell you -you're wrong. Orange is fresh and sexy blended together perfectly. So, the only other thing you can see in that picture is dark red lips. Other than that, I think this look could carry a heavy, black leather jacket, and black ankle length boots to finish.

   This next one's very chunky and formal at the same time. So a formal skirt and blazer paired with a plain black top with gold buttons. Bring the essence of the picture to your outfit by throwing on some chunky jewellery. You could finish with delicate stilettos because you don't wanna go overboard with the chunkiness. 

   I haven't done justice to this picture, of course. Because it's so beautiful, you could get a million different looks out of it. But I thought of doing a very summery, everyday look. So that is it. Very floral and hippie.

   And finally. 
   This last one isn't exactly a complete outfit. It's just showing how you can use the colour palette from a picture in your outfits. You'll come up with the most amazing colour combos. 

So that's if. If you think my interpretations of the pictures are different from yours, it's totally cool 'cause everyone sees things differently. But this is definitely a fun thing to do. And tell me what you think.

Images: Polyvore
Make your own: http://www.polyvore.com/

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