Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Go Wild

   We all have secret desires that we are too gutless to admit out loud. And I’m talking about fashion desires here.

   I remember this one time when my friend told me about her wish to get an animal printed dress for Easter. I was like, “Are you serious? Animal print? What, like tiger stripes or something?” I have to admit, I was laughing. She looked offended and went, “No! More like leopard print or something.”
   She was crazy, but it got me thinking. Why do we embrace floral prints so easily, and duck when asked about patterns like leopard spots?

   In reality, we’re not very wrong to hate animal prints (for those of us who do, that is). Because they’re loud, gaudy and make you look like an animal-hater.
   But wait. All of the above is true, but, of course, ONLY when not worn right.

   When you think- Animal print, you immediately get images of yellow/brown toned dresses, right? Tiger stripes, leopard spots in yellow shades. That is where we go wrong. First, don’t go for bright yellows and oranges. Let’s put it this way: Don’t pick an animal print dress, in a yellow shade, that’s way too bright. It actually works best when you keep your colours on the darker side. Like Lily Collins did for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. 

Lily Collins: 2011 MTV Movie Awards
   The thing with this kind of print is that it often gets messy, so the key is to maintain a neat look. Whatever you do, keep it a little subtle. Miley Cyrus wore an animal print dress to the Grammy Awards this year. Her dress was long, shimmery and she teamed it up with chunky accessories. That’s the reason why it looked a little too loud. 
Miley Cyrus: 2011 Grammy Awards

Yellow/Brown hues

  It’s easier to play with black/white toned dresses like….

Black/White hues

…those. They’re more subtle and easy-to-wear, and still keep the “wild” feel going.

Megan Fox 

    Then, of course, there is what I like to call… ‘Disguised Animal Print Dresses’…. Here, you wear animal print, without actually wearing it…
   Yeah. Basically, you still wear the print, but disguise it using colours other than the usual yellow, orange, white, black. Or you wear prints that very closely remind you of an animal print, but can’t be called so ‘cause they aren’t them exactly.

"Disguised Animal Prints"

   BUT. My favourite way of wearing them would be to use the print on accessories. Anything from bags and shoes to belts, hats, jewelry and scarves. Use one, or maybe two of them to accessorize an otherwise plain outfit. It might not give you a ‘BOOM! I’m wearing Animal Print!’ effect, but it definitely adds a lot of edge to an outfit.

Amber Heard and Blake Lively 

Ashley Tisdale

    So that’s it…!

   Now, try going wild, once in a while.


Images: Polyvore, E! Online


  1. I really really like anmal print on shoes, and scraves..thats the only place weqar i wear it really!