Sunday, 5 June 2011

Satin Smart

   Do you know that feeling you get when you see someone wearing an outfit that is just so wrong at so many levels, and you just want to go up to them and ask them what in heaven’s name they were thinking while choosing to wear it? But you can’t. And then your eyes hurt to even look at them.
   Now, do you know that feeling when you notice people staring at you with the same expression on their face, pleading you to move away?
   Probably not. But then, sometimes mistakes happen, and you end up embarrassing yourself and feeling scarred for life.
   So you rather avoid those mistakes, right?

Now…. Let’s solve this problem.
   There are certain areas where most of us go wrong. Let’s go over them one at a time. Starting with satin.

 So do you remember that outfit Katie Holmes wore to the Drama Desk Awards recently?

There it is. Now what is really wrong with it, is that it’s bright pink, really long AND all satin.
   Now try chopping off the sleeves, shorten the hem and paint it a charcoal colour. Doesn’t it look so much better?

It'd probably look something  like that

   Taking risks isn’t a bad thing, but when you’re not sure about something, it’s better to play on the safer side.
   It’s the same with satin. Bold coloured satin outfits may be great, but they can be risky, sometimes. Satin is so awesome, so why sacrifice it just because most people get it wrong?

Bold coloured satins may be pretty, but more often than less, you  end up going wrong

   So I’d suggest, when wearing satin, it’s best to stick to blacks, charcoals and greys. They look great, and tone down the flashy nature of satin.
   You wanna risk it a little more? Pick creams and peaches, off whites and beiges. Although they are brighter than charcoals, they make great day-wear outfits.
   Another thing, keep your hemlines high. Not too short (that’s your choice to make), but keep the use of the fabric minimal. More the fabric used, the louder the outfit gets. Of course, if you mix and match different fabrics, that’d be great!

Charcoals, greys, and blacks

Whites, peaches, and nudes

   Now… if we wear more neutral coloured satins, where are all the bold coloured satins going to go? Well, we can still wear them. The answer is satin bags and shoes!
   Have you seen those satin pumps? They look absolutely adorable! Forget about safe colours here. Pull off a pair of hot pink or bright red satin pumps.

   I know that many people shy away from satins, if you are one of them, hopefully, you’ve slightly changed your mind.

Images: Polyvore


  1. Well i agree abt people mistaking with satin...
    But, i have this dress in hot pink in satin...and it look awesome...
    Also, i think a satin black dress remains unbeatable!!

  2. I love love satin in shoes...im still wary of it in clothes but in shoes, or in those big clutches..love it!