Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sober During Summer?

So! Summer’s finally here. The air’s getting HOT. And so is my wardrobe.
   Yeah…! Summer’s the time for all the fun clothing, right? Bikinis, colourful tank tops, shorts and basically minimal clothing. AND a whole lot of colour.
   But what if you’re too scared to step out of your house wearing a bunch of colours on your body?
   “I can’t pull it off!” that’s what we say.
 Then play it easy!! Keep it simple, conventional, but still follow summer’s trends.

And how do you do that?

   Okay so let’s start with bottoms. Shorts are best for summer. Hot pink shorts with a loose white tank top! Ooooo!
   But wait. We’re trying to play it easy here. SO. If you’re too uncomfortable to wear colourful bottoms, keep it simple. Wear your regular denim shorts. They come in a variety of colours too! They’re easy to wear, and literally never go out of style. So you can stock up on them. I swear, it’ll be a real investment.
   And if you’re still a little hesitant about showing off your legs, you always have capris! They are pretty summery too.

  So, on the whole, you have many summer options when it comes to bottoms. But the real fun is what you wear above. During summer, it’s all about tank tops. Fun, funky, colourful tank tops. Anybody with a human body can carry off a tank top (Yeah… let’s not go there). If you’re the bold kind or the shy kind, everyone loves tank tops! So go colourful and vibrant.
   Of course, there’s the option of loose cotton tees and shirts, but I think tank tops are cooler.

As for shoes, flip-flops rule during summer. They are trendy, easy to wear and VERY summer-appropriate. Yeah, there’s the problem of getting flip-flop designs on your feet, due to tanning. So don’t forget to wear enough sunscreen on your feet, too.
   In reality, if flip-flops aren’t worn correctly, they can be kinda boring. I feel like it’s on your feet that you can take all the risks. That is, with fancy patterns and designs. So go vivid on your feet!
   Oh, and another summer favourite? Colourful Ballerina shoes. Those things are just so pretty. They can add just the right amount of girliness to just about anything you wear.

   So… yeah! Enjoy the summer till it lasts. Throw all the frustrations away, bring all the colours in. You never know when we’ll have to trade our beautiful summer for the monsoons.

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