Monday, 17 August 2015

Autumn Trends I'm Digging

Yeah whatever it doesn't get cold here in Mumbai. We've discussed this before. Moving on to the autumn trends I'm going to be excited about anyway, regardless of the weather. All the cool people say, "I don't follow trends, hate them."
 I will admit, I quite like trends. They make me feel in synch with the universe. Or the blogging world, anyway. So here are three Autumn/Winter 2015 clothing trends I'm terribly excited about.

1. Fringe

I think suede fringe is okay, but there's something amazingly classy about leather fringe. Especially on sling bags and backpacks. 

2. Athleisure

I used to be a really good runner when I was a kid, but that is about as close to sports as I got. But I'm totally digging the sporty vibe in clothing. Besides, I love sneakers.

3. Flared Jeans

I got myself some boyfriend jeans a few months ago and I've worn them to death and continue to wear them. Owing to my newfound interest in blue jeans, I definitely think I'll be investing in some more. And flared jeans have definitely got my attention.

In other news, Charles and Keith have the best Autumn/Winter collection. I really want to hand all my money and some organs to them and buy everything. I may have already bought a pair of heels. Whoops. 

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