Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Year I Was Waiting For

 Hello there. It's been a while. And although one look at my blog may make it seem like I spent the past month and half laying in bed, too lazy to open my laptop and write something in here, that is only partially true. I have actually been up to a lot of different things. But I also took a break from blogging, and not just out of sheer laziness, but because I had some thinking to do.
It's 2015. And 2015 is not just the year I turn 21, but also the year I graduate from college and have to make big decisions with respect to what I want to do next and where I want to invest all the time I will suddenly have at my disposal.

And that will be an odd experience for me. 

I feel like from the time we're born (most of us, at least), we're thrown into this mass producing machine that puts us through all these similar processes, one after the other. And we tend to forget that we always have a choice. Although, most of the time, we want to forget. It's so much easier to do what everyone else is doing. 

Fortunately for me, my parents have always let me do whatever the hell I've wanted to with respect to my academics. And so I have. But what happens when you do whatever-the-hell-you-want-to is that you have to constantly make decisions with respect to what you want to do next. And with that comes the constant lingering question of whether these decisions that your eighteen or nineteen or twenty year old self is so confidently making are the right decisions for you. 

Well. For the longest time as a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer. After school I realised that I was no good at it and then I instantly switched paths to Psychology because I enjoyed it so much. I thought I'd be a Clinical Psychologist. But then I realized that I enjoy writing so much. So I decided, Psychology wasn't for me and that I must pursue journalism. But I'm not big on politics or sports. So then I decided that fashion journalism is the best option for me. That sounded ideal. I love fashion. I love writing. I love blogging. It worked. This seemed like my final plan.

Until very recently. 

I don't know what it was, but its like I had this grand epiphany. 
Fashion isn't what I want to do full-time.

This kind of a revelation right around the time I should've been applying to post-grad colleges wasn't ideal, to say the least. 
Which is why I took a break from most things that I was doing to really just think things through. I think I have a decision is place. At least for the near future. 
And I also decided that I didn't want to stop blogging. Because I do enjoy it.

So I'm back!
2015 is going to be very different from any of the past years of my life that I have made it through (which is all of them, duh). And although I started off a little scared by the idea of it, I'm actually quite excited now!

Okay. That's all. Ramble over.

I hope you're having a brilliant new year, and maybe experiencing some grand epiphanies too. Haha.

see you soon :*


  1. really nice to read. i keep going over phases too deciding I will do this not that and then ho hum :)

    1. Thanks! I guess we all have those phases:)

  2. I am 27 and I haven't found a career path I want to do yet. I think it will fall into place at some point/
    Glad to see you back around here though. xox


  3. Nice read :) x