Thursday, 17 April 2014

Favourite Fashion Trends For Summer 2014+Outfit Ideas!

 Honestly, I find it extremely hard to get excited about the summer, mostly because it's so damn hot out here in Mumbai,  and the sweaty look is not my best look -half my hair sticking to my face and the other half frizzing up, makeup melting away...it's just not pleasant. BUT, what's awesome about clothes and accessories is that they don't go cray cray with a minor change in temperature. Which is why, every summer, I concentrate my energies on putting together a cute outfit, instead of throwing makeup on my face. And here are the trends I think are pretty awesome and easy to pull off for the season.


 Kimonos are everywhere and if you like dressing a little bohemian, you need to check these out. They're basically a fun, over-sized shrug-cardigan-type thing. And since they're usually made of very flimsy fabric, you won't die of a heatstroke whilst wearing one of these. You can also dress these up or down which is always a bonus.
 I've seen loads of these at Forever 21, although I do think some of them are a tad bit overpriced (Also, what is UP with Forever 21's price hike?!).

Acid wash Jeans

 I didn't used to like these until fairly recently, but now I do think acid wash jeans can be a nice addition to a closet, because they're just jeans, but with so much personality. They may be a little hard to wear, but I think the black variation is cute, too.


I've had my rings phase and my earrings phase, and I'm currently on my necklace phase. The statement necklaces at Zara are so beautiful. But personally, I prefer simpler necklaces, especially like the one from the outfit on the right of the picture above. I don't know what they're called but they add such a nice touch to any outfit. I wear mine all the time.

High-waisted Shorts

 I won't go on about this one because I've mentioned it before and I found the need to add it in here too because they are so freakin' cute.
 Every time I think of high-waisted shorts, I can only think of Sweater Weather. I don't think I'll ever fall out of love for that song.
 Anyway. Moving on.

Reflective Sunglasses

 This is one of those love it or hate it kind of styles. But I think reflective/mirrored sunglasses can be so summery and fun. And they protect your eyes: win-win.
And if you're still not sure how you feel about these, google 'Shay Mitchell Reflective Sunglasses', and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Ripped Jeans

 These have been around for a while, but I'm especially feeling this style of jeans right now. They can make the perfect casual chic outfit. I personally don't think I would wear extremely distressed jeans, but a few rips here and there can add a nice touch to any outfit.

And that is finally it for this post. What are your favourite fashion trends right now?


  1. THat is so true! summers i follow the same thing less makeup. shades always and a cute outfit! love the compilation!

    1. Right? Sweat and makeup make a disgusting combination.

  2. I love shorts, skirts, cool flats and shades during summers :D

    1. Oh I love little skirts too! I forgot to add pencil skirts in here. But yes, I do love them.

  3. I really want to get a kimono style jacket for spring!

    Hannah x

  4. i love the kimonos trend! definitely have to buy some for myself :)