Monday, 18 November 2013

Products I've Used Up #2

 Time for another Products I've Used Up post. The last one I did was back in April! So here's the second installment.

 First off, I used up one giant sized and one smaller bottle of Vaseline's Total Moisture Cocoa Glow Body Lotion. I'm quite lazy with moisturizing but I try my best. And by far, this stuff is the best body lotion I've used. Not only because it's inexpensive and I like the scent, but I also don't find it sticky or greasy on me. I've done a detailed review post on this ages ago. I've already repurchased this one.
 Next, I used up Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap. I had received this in a Velvette box back in January this year and didn't care much about it. But when I did start using it, I fell in love. It's super mild but took off most of my makeup pretty well. And since Clinique products are unscented, it's great for sensitive skin. And creepily enough, I almost kind of like that weird, almost pharmaceutical scent that it has. I won't be buying a full size of this purely because of the price. But I did love using it, so maybe sometime in the future!
 I have annoyingly frizzy hair so any product that says 'anti-frizz' or 'for frizz prone hair' immediately gets my attention. That is precisely why I bought the Tresemme Climate Protection Shampoo. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me at all and it just left my hair even more dry and frizzy than before. I had to overdo the conditioner to get my hair to look normal. Definitely not repurchasing.

 Another shampoo I tried out was The Body Shop Rainforest Nutrition Shampoo. I got the mini size and I couldn't be happier that I didn't get a bigger one. This really, really didn't work for me. It took a lot of product to really clean up my hair and yet, my hair didn't feel super clean. I literally just wanted to finish it off quickly. The only thing I liked about this was its earthy scent. But obviously that isn't incentive enough to make me want to repurchase this product.
 I used up another bottle of the Lacto Calamine Lotion (for normal to oily skin). I freakin love this stuff. But I have to switch it up with something more moisturizing now. I'm still on the lookout for a good face moisturizer.
 And finally, for makeup, I used up a tube of Garnier's BB Cream and Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. They're both two of my all time favourite products so yes, they have already been repurchased.

 That will be all for my empties for now. Hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. i have not tried maybelline dream lumi touch...vl pickup this time!

  2. Lovely post <3 i enjoyed reading it :)

  3. I can't get enough of the Maybelline Dream Lumi either. I've been using the spray version of the Vaseline Cocoa Go Radiant lotion and it's slowly becoming a favorite. (I'm a lazy moisturizer as well.)

    Elise Goes Glam

    1. Haha. I wish we got the spray version here. That would save me a hell lotta time.

  4. Great post! I love Vaseline body lotions too! They are the most moisturizing :D