Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fashion and Makeup Haul: Forever 21 (overload), Zara and More

 You may not be able to tell, but this is my 100th post on this blog and to say the least, I have come a long way. So I decided that I wanted to do something extra special for this post. So here's a little surprise.
 You may or may not have read about my cousin/bff Aditi on this blog. She's featured on here a few times. In the Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick review, the Instagram post, she even did an OOTD with me once. Well, Aditi and I have been talking about setting up a YouTube channel for almost a year now. And a few weeks ago we decided to just take the leap. So yes, we finally did it and now have a combined YouTube channel.
  Our channel's called TheLoveClub because we're all for spreading love and it's going to be all about things we love (fashion, beauty and otherwise), and yes, also because The Love Club by Lorde is an awesome song. Our first video is up! It is a fashion and makeup haul and has stuff mostly from Forever 21 because, well, we love that store. Some of the stuff from my birthday post is in it, if you recognize them.
 So yeah. Do watch it if you want to watch me in motion (that sounds wrong) and hear me instead of reading typed letters. Also, the lighting gets better as the video goes along. Just saying.
 Obviously, since it's a first video, it is a little cringe-y and awkward. But let's just hope that'll get better if we keep going!
And here's a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiFgZU1o4mU
Do let me know if any of you guys end up watching it. I hope you enjoy it if you do. And as much as I hate to say this, don't forget to subscribe. This feels weird. All right then. 
Have a good day!


  1. Wow! Congrats :)
    Many more to come dear <3

  2. You guys have really nice hair!!! Great stuff youre gettin!

  3. Really cool video! Loved most of the stuff u girls picked up. I am a huge forever 21 n Zara fan so loved it even more. ..xx

  4. Loved your blog. Good luck. You look amazing. Have a look at my blog. Thanks